Thursday, October 06, 2005

Joining Kin Jay in Thailand

Vegetarian Festival (Kin Jay)

Kin Jay Thailand

is celebrated around Thailand especially Phuket, Trang and Bangkok China town. It is the best for tourist want to be vegetarian or vegetarian diet. Thailand have many kinds of vegetarian food and available in areas. Thai cook some vegetarian dishes made from soybean or instant protein made of bean look like meat. The fruit juices and Soy milk are popular because deliciousness and fresh fruits.

Kin Jay at Phuket

(2 – 11 October 2005) be vigorous a large number of Chinese tourists come to join for celebrate Kin Jay festival. The main street in town procession, around one kilometer long for Sapam shrine, knife through his cheeks, climbing on ladders and made of knives walking on fire.

If you are fearful , live at hotel because the even are denger. People who live alongside the roads put up tables offering fruits, tea, and incense sticks, as well as fire crackers to worship with at Navamind Square sitting for devotees to pay respect. This morning the Samkong shrine holds its street procession into town passing Yaowarat, Phang Nga, Thepkrasatri, Montri and Phuket roads.

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