Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Valentine's Day Vegan Dinner

A Valentine's Day Vegan DinnerWithout a little romance life would certainly be missing those shared moments of tenderness and passion that make us feel special. Thoughts of love bring contentment to the heart, and add fervor to our dreams. Love makes us smile more often, makes the heart beat a little faster, and sparks our life to know that someone cares about us.

Valentine's Day reminds us how fortunate we are to celebrate an entire day devoted to affairs of the heart. While some may think Valentine's Day ought to be celebrated more often, Cupid knows that stoking the fires of love with extra special attention once a year is just right. On Valentine's Day people in love make the effort to do extraordinary things for each other they might not do otherwise. Lovers whisper expressions of endearment to their beloved, words that they might not use ordinarily. This unique holiday puts romance on a pedestal and steams the heart with powerful emotion.

While each pair of lovers recognizes Valentine's Day in different ways, the one thing they have in common is the desire to please that special person in their lives. In planning a Valentine celebration at home, set the scene for romance to bring pleasure to all of the senses. You may choose to put on some soft music to pleasure the ears, candlelight to create soft light for the eyes, flowers and potpourri to provide delightful fragrance, or poetry for the romantic at heart--those things that symbolize sentiment.

Treat your lover to an exceptional home-cooked dinner for two that's full of lusty flavors and aromas. Some couples even enjoy preparing meals together. Welcome the occasion by toasting with a glass of your favorite wine or sparkling apple cider served in long-stemmed glasses. Then serve a dish of hot or cold Eggplant Cornucopias, a succulent appetizer that combines eggplant with seasoned garbanzo beans in a unique presentation. Perhaps a crackling fire sets the stage for romance. If so, this tasty first course makes a perfect fireside starter.

A Sweetheart Salad of baby greens with plenty of colorful, crunchy carrots, radishes, and jicama topped with a zesty Avocado Caesar Dressing offers a sensuous, light beginning with its varied textures and flavors.

The hearty, brightly colored entrée works magic in the love arena with pleasing aromas and tantalizing tang. Passionate Pineapple Tempeh embraces the tropical island flavors of ginger, garlic, and soy sauce with the sweetness of pineapple to create a distinctive dish that blooms with flavor. Decorated with bright red bell pepper hearts that appear to dance on the plate, the visual feast expresses romantic intentions.

Also gracing the plate is our Cupid's Favorite Quinoa dotted with roasted tomatoes and onions and heightened with a hint of cinnamon. Steamed Asparagus Spears lend an earthy green accompaniment while Roasted Beet Hearts offer a deep red color accent and plenty of sassy flavor.

Wrapping the evening in romance, our Love Tart is definitely the choice for the impassioned raspberry aficionados. Filled with spiced pears and raspberries, the tart is complemented with a romantic bleeding heart Raspberry Almond Sauce.

A warm embrace and a sip of warming, fruity liqueur by the fireside combine to form special memories of romance on this Valentine's Day.

Source : Vegetarians in Paradise

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