Friday, March 10, 2006

Begin a Soft Vegetarian Food with Fruit Sushi

fruit sushi vegetarian foodThis menu for vegetarian, it’s easy for cooking and delicious. Moreover, it low fat. And then you can use in period Kin Jay festival (from Chinese Festival). That is good idea for Vegan.

Ingredients for food:

- Sushi rice
- Sweetened coconut milk
- Vanilla or lemon pudding
- Gelatin
- Thin slivered strawberries
- Thin slivered melon
- Raspberries
- Raspberry syrup
- Mint for garnish

Preparation for fruit sushi:

fruit sushi rool1. Make the rice; then, instead of mixing it with sushi su, mix sweetened coconut milk through the rice to dress it.

2. Line a baking dish with plastic wrap and spread the rice in a layer approximately 1/2" thick. Make regular vanilla pudding (or you can use lemon pudding), adding a little gelatin to make it firm. When pudding has cooled, spread it over the rice layer and refrigerate overnight (it needs to be very firm and hold its shape).

3. Dip cookie cutter in water and then push it all the way through the rice/pudding mixture (you can use any shape or size cookie cutter). Build a stack with the cutout rice/pudding mixture, and add slivers of melon, strawberries, etc. Garnish with mint and drizzle raspberry syrup around the plate and on the sushi.

4. For a variation: Cut out a round piece of rice/pudding mixture, wrap a thin slice of melon around it and fill it with raspberries.

Variations for:

Can be served alone or with an accompaniment, such as low fat custard or Crème Auglaize and pureed berries
Serving suggestions are not included in the nutritional analysis.
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