Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cousin's New Year's Eve Party For Vegan

Vegetable and Fruit PartyThis onetime Turkish spot underwent a radical change, both with the decor and the menu. The hookah, ethnic artifacts and floor pillow seating made an exit, replaced by hues of "sun-earth-water" and "light-forest-energy" (that's yellow, green, blue and brown for the rest of us).

The menu is now 100-percent meat free, leans toward organic and sustainable products and promotes raw and "living" foods. Why the change? Chef Mehmet Ak (chef-proprietor of Cousin's) put himself through a raw foods detox program last fall--he lost 70 pounds and dropped digits on both his blood pressure and cholesterol readings. He even trained at California's Living Light Culinary Arts Institute to brush up his raw skills.

The menu still has hints of the Middle East with hummus, tabouleh and dolma, but now offers Mediterranean pasta and a vegetarian burger instead of the lamb chops. The eatery offers classes and workshops, plus there is a combo market/carryout /smoothie bar area.

Happy New Year 2007 for Vegan parties in everywhere.

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those platters look beautiful


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