Monday, July 17, 2006

Caponata is Original Vegeatarian and Vegan Recipe from Italy

Caponata is Original Vegeatarian and Vegan Recipe from ItalyCaponata is famous vegetarian food in Italy. It’s easy for cooking and delicious. It has for sale in Italian restaurant. And then use in period Kin Jay festival. That is good idea for Vegan.

Ingredients use vegan versions:

- 1 large onion, finely sliced
- 4 sticks celery, chopped
- 4 Tbsp olive oil
- 4 large aubergines (eggplant), chopped into small cubes
- 1 large tin of tomatoes
- 2 Tbsp tomato paste
- 2 Tbsp sugar
- 4 Tbsp red wine vinegar
- 2 Tbsp sultanas
- 1-2 Tbsp capers
- 2 Tbsp green olives, stoned and chopped
- 1 Tbsp pine kernels
- pepper
- lemon wedges and parsley to garnish


Place onion and celery in a heavy casserole and gently cook in the olive oil till softened. Add aubergines, stirring till the aubergines are well coated. Place a lid on the casserole and gently cook the aubergines, turning them round from time to time until they are very soft. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, sultanas, capers, green olives, and pine kernels. Season with plenty of pepper and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Transfer to a serving dish, garnish with parsley and lemon wedges. This makes a substantial starter and is best served at room temperature with plenty of good French bread.

Serve for; 6 persion

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