Monday, April 24, 2006

Buddha's Delight is Thai Vegetarian Food

A special food to help get your Yin/Yang in better balance. This menu for Thai vegetarian food and most famous of Thailand, it’s easy for cooking and delicious. Especially popular during the Chinese New Year, And use in period Kin Jay festival. That is good idea for Vegan.

Ingredients version for vegan;

Buddha's Delight is Thai Vegetarian Food- 15g. (1/2 oz.) dried bean curd skin sticks
- 1/3 cup (15g./1/2 oz.) dried tiger lily bulbs
- 3-4 tbs. (15 g.) dried wood ears (black fingers)
- 10 g. (1/4 oz.) dried black moss
- 50 g. (2 oz.) bamboo shoots
- 50 g. lotus root
- 50 g. straw mushrooms
- 4 tbs. oil
- 1-1/2 tsp. salt & sugar
- 1 tbs. light soy sauce
- 1 tsp. cornstarch mixed with 1 tbs. cold water
- 2 tsp. sesame oil for garnish


1. Soak dried veggies separately in cold water overnight or in warm water for at least an hour.
2. Cut bean curd sticks into short lengths and cut bamboo and lotus root into small slices. Heat wok.
3. When hot put in half the oil and wait until it smokes.
4. Stir fry all dry veggies with a little salt for one minute.
5. Remove vegetables from wok and set aside.
6. Add and heat remaining oil and stir-fry rest of the veggies with salt.
7. Add partly cooked dry veggies, sugar, soy sauce, stirring constantly.
8. If it dries out add a little water.
9. When cooked add cornstarch mix. Garnish with sesame oil and serve immediately.

Serving for; Makes 6 Servings
Nutritional information per serving; 136 calories / 1.3 grams of fat

Enjoy your cooking for Thai vegetarian food.

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