Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where to Find Vegetarian Food in Some Main Tourist Areas in Thailand

Where to Find Vegetarian Food in Some Main Tourist Areas in ThailandChiang Mai While most restaurants are very accommodating, some especially good areas for vegetarian include the Tha Phae Gate area of Chiang Mai. Here you can find, on Tha Phae road outside the walled city and stretching all the way east to Santiwong Road and south to Sri Donchai Road, an excellent selection of restaurants specifically catering to vegetarians. Inside the wall near Tha Phae is a great location as well. Most guesthouses in Chiang Mai also are good places to try, as many of them survive by hosting Westerners and selling them package tours, trekking tours, day trips and the like. Thus they have pretty good contact with all types of diets and know how to cater to almost all tastes.

Phuket The island of Phuket, its economy largely dependent on fishing, is rife with seafood restaurants, so it may seem like slim pickings there at first glance. However, almost any restaurant can make special meals for you without including any of our friends from the deep. Every year in late September and early October Phuket has a vegetarian festival, during which Chinese Buddhists abstain from taking meat. Other area towns such as Pong Nga and Krabi also participate. Southern Thailand has been part of major trading routes for centuries because of its proximity to the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Thus, Chinese and Indian vegetarianism are not new to the people and the restaurants.

Bangkok Bangkok, one of the largest and most traveled-through cities in Southeast Asia, is a truly cross-cultural experience where you can eat almost any type of food and can even have pizza every day of your stay and not visit the same restaurant twice. Almost every block has some option for vegetarians. The signs will not be as targeted to the vegetarian market as in Chiang Mai, but simply going in and requesting the food be made tae or otherwise without meat can do wonders.

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