Monday, April 09, 2007

Guava Fruit Juice( Nam Farung )

Guava Fruit Juice( Nam Farung )Guava Fruit Juice( Nam Farung ) is a juice, really a smoothy, made from the pulp of the guava fruit. This beverage menu for vegetarian, it’s diet beverage and makes you relaxing and good for health. That juice is delicious for everyone.


- 120 gms Guava Fruit
- 5 Tablespoons Sugar Syrup (50-50 sugar and water solution)
- 236 ml water ( boil )


1. Peel the guava, take only the outer flesh minus the seeds in the middle.
2. Mix the guava, syrup and water and blend in a food processor.
3. Pour over crushed ice.
4. Optionally a tiny pinch of salt over the top fills out the flavors.

Enjoy drinking for Guava Fruit Juice( Nam Farung )

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