Friday, December 23, 2005

Beauty as Natalie Portman

One of Hollywood Stars who is a vegetarian is Natalie Portman, wanna have a good shape like her is not that difficult. Let's see her information as be low.

Natalie Portman's Biography

Natalie PortmanFirst Name: Natalie, from the Latin natale domini (Christmas Day)
But that's a Christian holiday, and Natalie is of Jewish descent? So what does it mean in Hebrew? We've gotten so many suggestions/translations that we've chosen not to write nothing so we won't offend noone. Except english teachers.

Last Name: Portman; stage name, which happens to be her maternal grandmother's maiden name. Reportedly first adopted because of fears she would discredit her parents in case her performance in The Professionnal was unsatisfactory. She has since kept the name in order to help maintain her privacy and to keep her family out of the spotlight. She does use her real name in school however.

Birth: Tuesday June 9th, 1981, in Jerusalem, Israel

Homes: Natalie and her family lived in Jerusalem until she was 3 years old. Due to her father's medical training and career advancements, the family then moved to Washington D.C. in 1984, and then on to Connecticut in 1988. They moved again to Long Island, New York in 1990. That's where she lived until her acceptance to Harvard in 1999 which made her stay 4 years in Boston. She now lives in Soho, NYC.

Eyes: Brown

Languages: English and Hebrew; also some French and Japanese she studied at school.

Hobbies: Dancing (ballet, jazz, tap), reading, writing, ice-skating (which she picked up during the filming of Beautiful Girls), modeling, and of course, acting.

Addictions: Chocolate, Jolly Ranchers Candies

Eating Habits: Natalie has been a strict vegetarian since she was 8, after seeing a demonstration of laser surgey on a chicken at a medical conference with her father. She does not eat meat of any kind but does eat eggs and drinks at least one glass of skim milk every day. She avoids gelatin and cheeses that contain rennet (a milk-curdling enzyme taken from the stomach of small farm animals like calves or sheep).

Favorite Foods: Pizza, chocolate, tea, ice cream, skim milk

Sports: Track and field, plays football with her friends, does not show any particular interest in professional sports.

Favorite Country: Israel

Favorite City: Paris

Some interviews about Food of Natalie

What are you favourite foods?

Ice cream. I love love love ice cream. That's my biggest vice I think.

What flavour?

Anything. I can go anything. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I can go fruit, sometimes I'll go plain vanilla, sometimes I'll get a little funky and go crazy with their special weird flavours.

Is it true you're a strict vegetarian?

Yes, so if a flustered waiter brings me a steak it's pretty funny. I don't even eat cheese, because there are animal enzymes in it. So when I ask for a dish without cheese they always forget, but I hate to be hard on them as I know how hard it is to be a waiter. I don't think I could do it. It's funny, because I eat out a lot now as it's finals, and I just don't have time to cook for myself anymore. So it's strange going out for three meals a day, and every meal they bring you the wrong food!

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