Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Black Coffee or Vegetarian Vitamins Drink?

Do You Feel Like This?

Vegetarian DrinkWhen you get up, you are exhausted but you don’t know how it happens. Particularly, in the afternoon you are exhausted again and moody.

So, you cure this feeing by drink the black coffee and you feel refresh but few hours later you are moody again because there’s no effect of coffee. Actually this way cannot help you because the real cause is you have low glucose in blood.

The bio-organic consumption has introduced to drink R.C. water for getting avoided from this feeling.

R.C. or Rejuvenating Concoction is secret formula drinking that can cure the weakness of body because it has ingredient of glucose, DNA/RNA and vitamins from nature.


- Wheat, millet, barley, Job's tears, lotus seed each one handful.
- Coarse rice, glutinous rice, Thai rice in the red husk each 2 handful.
- Oat each one handful.


1. Start from put wheat, millet, barley, Job's tears, lotus seed each one handful in pot, add water about 2 liters and put on the stove then wait until it boil.
2. After that put coarse rice, glutinous rice, rice in the red husk each 2 handful mix and let it boil.
3. The final put Oat 1 handful and switch off gas stove, Wait until rice drop to the bottom of pot.
4. Ladle the hot and clear water into cup, sometimes you can add sesame for tasty.

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